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Polaroid Supercolor 635 ACT

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  • Brand: Polaroid
  • Name: Polaroid Supercolor 635 ACT
  • Original model: Polaroid One Step Flash
  • Type: Instant camera
  • Type of Film: Typ 600
  • Focal length: -
  • Maximum aperture: -
  • Focus: Fixed
  • Shutter speeds: 1/200 s to 1/4 s
  • Flash / Flash connection: Built-in flash

The Polaroid Supercolor 635 ACT is a camera from Polaroid. It is an instant camera. The functions of the model are the same as the Polaroid One Step Flash. On the body of the camera there is a gold logo with the letters “ACT”.

The Polaroid Supercolor 635 ACT is extremely user-friendly. The most common setting options that one is used to from other types of cameras are not found on this model. Thanks to this low entry threshold, the camera can be used by anyone and is therefore suitable for many occasions. For example, it is an excellent choice for parties and weddings. However, it is also a lot of fun to use on vacation.

The most important settings are fixed. The shutter speed cannot be changed. You can’t choose the aperture value yourself either. The lens is fixed and cannot be changed. Many modern cameras have a zoom function. This function is not found on this model. The distance to the subject should not be less than 120 cm for sharp pictures.

A built-in flash is of course also part of the package on this camera. The flash is used automatically when taking pictures. Especially in low light conditions, you are often grateful for the flash.

Films for the Polaroid Supercolor 635 ACT

The most important thing for taking pictures with the Polaroid camera are the instant films. The original film stock is no longer produced. But there is a new edition under the same name from a new company.

There is both a color film and a black and white film for the camera. The Polaroid Color Film for 600* is the instant film for color photos. To create black and white images, you can reach for the Polaroid B&W Film for 600*. Both films get a good rating in test reports.

There are eight exposures in one film cassette. The film material is light-sensitive and should therefore never come into contact with light before shooting. Good conditions for storing the unused material for a longer period of time can be found in a cool place.

As prescribed in the standard, the size of an image is 10.8 x 8.8 cm. An area of 7.7 by 7.7 cm is provided for the actual image. The remaining space is completed by the familiar frame around the Polaroid picture. Special edition Polaroid films with colorful frames are also offered.

Is it possible to use the Instax films of the Japanese manufacturer. No, the films do not fit the Polaroid instant camera.


What type of batteries are needed for the Polaroid Supercolor 635 ACT? In this type of camera, the power source is found in the plastic case. The disposable battery is sufficient for all unexposed pictures in the cassette. Even when using the flash for each exposure. So changing the film is also changing the battery. An additional battery is not necessary.

Once the film is empty, the film cassette or battery should not be disposed of in normal household waste. The disposable battery should be removed from the cassette and taken to a local recycling center.

Tutorial for the Polaroid Supercolor 635 ACT

How to take pictures with the instant camera? An introductory tutorial on how the instant camera works.

The first step is to load the film. To do this, push the slider on the side forward. The camera should open. Now the cassette with the film material can be inserted. After that, the flap can be locked again. Automatically, the protective cover of the film ejects.

Now it’s time to take the picture. On the side of the housing is the shutter release button. The motor in the camera now ejects the image and development begins. After a few minutes, the development process is complete and you can view the image.


If you can’t find the camera, you could resort to alternatives. One option that comes to mind first is the original model, the Polaroid One Step Flash. It is similar in functionality and the same film stock is exposed.

However, you may want to try something new. Then you can turn to cameras from other manufacturers. Perhaps the LomoInstant* or Instax Mini 8* would be a possibility. The films for these instant cameras are sold online by many vendors.

Technical datasheet

Technical specifications of the camera
Type of CameraInstant camera
Film formatTyp 600
Film transportAutomatic
Film transport mechanismMotor
Picture format77 mm x 77 mm
Focal length-
Biggest aperture-
Minimum focus distance120 cm / 3.936 ft
Exposure times1/200 second to 1/4 second
Light meterYes
Exposure modesProgram automatic
Manual exposure settingsNo
Date imprintingNo
FlashIntegrated flash
Cable release threadNo
Power supply1x battery in filmpack

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